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Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is a one to one coaching programme designed to help successful individuals become even more successful.

How does it work in coaching?

Performance Coaching is a way to fast-track the learning experience.  My coaching programme allows individuals to maximize their learning experience by focusing on their specific needs. Tailoring a coaching programme to their prior knowledge, business and position within the company allows individuals to produce faster, lasting results.

I have personally coached and trained hundreds of people to greater sales success, better internal and external relationships and shown them how to maximize their pitch and sales conversion ratios.

What do you get?

You will learn some of the most powerful techniques that aren’t covered in traditional training courses.  These techniques can be used in six key areas of business; Prospecting, Pitching, New Business Sales, Organic Growth, Internal and External communications.


Traditional Coaching

Most people struggle at some point in their lives. It’s normal. Over the years I have coached hundreds of people through a variety of challenges. Whether it’s to overcome a limiting belief they hold about themselves, or they just want to improve their effectiveness in a certain area. Whatever it is, coaching is a powerful tool that creates lasting change.

How does it work?

You should know that I will only see you for 2 sessions. This is because I’m here to ‘help you, help yourself’ rather than to become a crutch for you. The first session is the history take. This is where we explore your challenge and then look at, and talk about, how you would rather be. The second session is the change work. This involves an NLP technique to help you create lasting change.

Common things people see me for include:

  • Confidence issues
  • Challenges relating to others
  • Fears
  • And much more

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