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No Win, No Fee

Want to win more pitches, and you don’t want to pay anything upfront?  Then welcome to my 

No Win, No Fee offer.  This offer allows me to work with you on any pitch.  You can access my skills and knowledge, and as much of my time and advice as you need.  If for some reason you don’t win your pitch, you don’t pay me a cent.  My time and training are completely FREE.  If you do win your pitch, then you pay me our agreed fee.

Have I done this before?  Yes.

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  Training is a great way to keep up -to- date with the latest thinking, skills and techniques.  

In my training sessions, you will learn the very latest skills to help you develop your potential and become even more successful.

I have worked across multiple sectors and across all levels within organisations.  As well as in local and global markets.

Popular Training Sessions

  1. Pitching & presenting
  2. Influencing
  3. Sales
  4. Leadership
  5. Negotiation


 There are two types of professional coaching that can powerfully and positively impact all organisations

Performance Coaching benefits people looking to improve their abilities, without attending a training.  Performance Coaching is a series of one-to-one sessions. Designed to help you take your skills from where they are now, to where you want them to go.  Tailoring your learning to maximise results.

Traditional coaching is a way of overcoming challenges. These can range from confidence issues, challenges with public speaking, managing teams, delegation and personal performance. 


About me

Before becoming an NLP Master Practitioner, new business trainer, coach and author, I pitched for business for over 15 years as a commercials and corporate film director.  Having qualified in NLP and as a cognitive hypnotherapist, I started working with communications agencies.  Since then, I’ve trained in global and local markets, helping companies communicate more effectively and persuasively with their customers. My latest project, Emotional Persuasion in Business, allows companies to be more persuasive in their communications, by engaging their clients emotionally.

His first book, The Persuader, was published in March 2012.


“Marcus brings these three magic letters, NLP, to cut to the core of what pitching (and good business) is all about.  Influencing people.”

Melanie Portelli.  New Business Director.  Saatchi & Saatchi.

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Some of the companies I've worked with...

…and what they’ve said.

‘Easy concepts, which are of practical use in the workplace’

ABN Amro

“I didn’t think I could improve – been there and done it. But it gave me a totally different perspective. Excellent. The best course I have ever been on.  And I’ve been on a few.”


‘This has built on many influencing and management skills courses to give me an extra set of tools and further understanding.’

Royal Bank of Scotland

“Probably the most productive and valuable three days I’ve spent doing anything”



Free Products

These two powerful products are available to you completely free.  Click the link to get my audio products today.


Pitch Winning audio product

My pitch winning audio programme will help you to win more pitches, because you’re selling beyond features and benefits.


Goal Setting audio product

How to set goals that will actually happen.  That’s what you get when you download my Goal setting audio programme.

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